84-86 High St, Peebles EH45 8SW

+44 1721 724455

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Where Taste Reigns Supreme

Pince of India is one of the best indian restaurant in the Scottish borders and best in Peebles.

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we serve authentic cuisine

Come experience Prince of India for yourself...we’ve been told it’s an unforgettable experience

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Chicken JhalFrizi

Chicken Kebab cooked with fresh green chilli and fresh corriander and white onion blocks, garnished with fresh ginger. Spicy and hot to taste.


Tandoori King Prawn

King Prawned marinated and roasted in our clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce. Preparation time half an hour.


Lamb Biriyani

Grand festive dishes prepared from Basmati rice and lamb. Cooked in Ghee (clarifed butter) with delicate herbs and spices served with a mixed vegetable curry.